Haldimand Bird Observatory

Haldimand Bird Observatory at Ruthven Park is a volunteer-run bird study centre and  observatory that follows internationally accepted protocols for collecting data on birds and bird populations through bird-banding and collection of observations.  We operate out of a comfortable, free-standing laboratory which provides a processing facility for the birds caught in about a dozen mist net sites all of which are within a hundred meters or so of the lab.

Observatory facilities are in the grounds of a 19th century stately home which is open to the public and owned by a The Lower Grand River Land Trust.  Apart from the Greek revival home and surrounding park-like gardens, there are another 1400 acres of land including farmland and mixed woodlands.  A major river bisects the property and some of its smaller tributaries lead back into the woods and fields.  It’s all rather idyllic for a birder because of the variety of habitat and well, not many people know about it.  We spend many happy hours watching, banding and talking about birds and more or less related topics.

Follow its nature blog and learn more about the park by clicking these links.

The Grand River

The Grand River


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