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  1. Hi! We just had a very small light green bird hit the window. It did revive and fly off. Been looking to see what kind of bird it was to no avail. It is October 31/17. We live in the Restoule area on a lake. Wondering if you have any idea what kind of bird this could be? Thank you, Linda

    • My immediate guess is a kinglet, either Golden-crowned or Ruby Crowned. They are very small and generally greenish. They are late migrants and still around (certainly Golden-crowned in S/Central Ontario.) You are just about at the N edge of the winter range.
      Despite being so tiny, Golden-crowned Kinglets manage to survive in a band along the axis of the St Lawrence. In the coldest nights several of them huddle together in a sheltered place like a tree cavity. Ruby-crowned go a bit further south but still staying where it’s cold. The mortality rate must be very high b/c they produce large broods (8 – 10) in the hope that one or two survive (otherwise we’d drown in kinglets.)

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