2 thoughts on “Tundra Swans, Niagara River, Feb 26 2014

  1. I am supposed to go to see the Tundra swans in Aylmer Not on Mar. 22nd, 2014. But according to the weather, I don’t think they will be there. What do you think? How far north have they been spotted so far? Is the farthest north the Niagara River in Ontario?

    • Hi Olga. It depends on when spring gets started and most importantly when the ice clears out to allow them somewhere to land. The Niagara River Tundra Swans (TUSW) are a small band that has decided the river is an okay place to winter. I believe the vast majority of TUSW are still waiting out winter on the Atlantic seaboard (in places like Chesapeake bay). When the ice retreats and esp’ when Lake Erie opens up is when you’ll see the swans in or near Aylmer (Long Point is a good place too). A lot can happen in the next 3 weeks, so it MAY be okay on March 24. When the TUSW figure the migration is worth starting they’ll go for it and the first leg of their flight is from the wintering grounds to Lakes Ontario &/or Lake Erie (esp’ Erie). How they know when the ice is gone from so far away, beats me.
      If you live anywhere near the Lake Ontario/ Lake Erie / Niagara Peninsula area keep your eyes and ears open. Listen for their soft calls and look for long streams of white birds. It’ll stop you in your tracks. Thanks for your comment.

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