White-throated Sparrow

October 23 2012. It’s pouring rain as I write this.  Outside my office/den window I’ve hung a bird feeder, one of those Nyger seed feeders with the tiny holes for the small black seeds that are favoured by goldfinches and other small finches.  It works like a charm, we get American Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and House Sparrows on the feeder itself and White-throated Sparrows and Slatecoloured Juncos cleaning up on the ground below. No squirrels though.

Most White-throated Sparrowsgo farther south for the winter, they still have some migration to do and need to fuel up, so they’re feeding despite the rain.  For that they have my admiration and are my Bird of the Rainy Day. Some days you don’t even have to leave home.

White-throated Sparrow. Note the clear white bib and little yellow patches between the eye and beak.